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District 3:  Road and Bridge Report

Don Hawthorne, County Commissioner District 3

There is a feel of fall in the air and we are hustling to get as many of our FEMA roads completed as we can.  FEMA funds are paying to repair and redo roads that were damaged in the 2010 ice storm. We have until March 2014 to finish the projects, unless we request an extension.  

This past month we have completed three miles on Tackle Box Rd. from State Highway 58 to Stoney Point Rd., and two miles of 4-Mile from Tackle Box Rd. to Welch Rd. Two miles of Red Elk Rd. from Cache Rd. to Lee Blvd. are almost completed.  However, the road crew found several spots in the road base on Red Elk that must be dug out and replaced with 1 1/2 inches of gravel and re-packed.  Once we are satisfied we have a good solid road bed, it will be oiled & chipped.  

 Stoney Point Rd. has been made ready to oil and chip one mile from Tackle Box Rd. to McIntosh Rd.  Once that mile is completed, we will redo Stoney Point Rd. from Tackle Box Rd. to S. H. 49.

While we are waiting on the City of Lawton to get the concrete cross-drains for the 112th street project, we have been hauling native gravel to the Phase 1 portion of the road to raise the road bed base. Also, regarding 112th Street, Road Foreman Kenny Kinder and I met with Cobb Engineering to start the design of Phase two of this project.  This second phase will go from Cache Road to 100 feet north of the railroad tracks.

Mowing has been steady because of the rains that have come throughout the summer.  Usually by this time, the mowing is pretty well completed, but this summer the rains have kept the grass growing.  We have also continued to trim trees that have died because of the drought and also some that have blocked vision at intersections. 

Some of the crew is learning the ODOT technique of blade leveling using hot mix asphalt from the APAC plant at Snyder. It makes for a smoother patch.  Using this method they have re-patched bad spots on County Highway 115 and on Meers-Porterhill Road. 

Foreman Kenny Kinder and I met with the Transportation Director of the Kiowa Tribe, Carla Davis, regarding beginning of the construction of Miller Rd. from S.H. 58 to the Mt. Scott Kiowa United Methodist Church.  The County had entered into an agreement over a year ago for the Tribe to pay for this construction. Our part of the agreement was to do the engineering and acquire the needed right of way for the project, which we have completed. 

The crew did some street patching in Robinson Landing.  We also put up Neighborhood Watch signs in Pecan Valley North, Pecan Valley South and the Blue Beaver community, and moved the marquee sign for the Indiahoma School.

We mowed and improved the parking lot around the ball field at the Wichita Mountain Senior Citizens Center. 

Not road related, but a time consuming task was putting together the County’s budget for 2013-14. The process started the end of July and I had meetings with the County elected officials and department heads as a group and each reviewed their respective estimate of needs.  They then did the same before the Excise Board. The next step for me was to meet with each of them individually and negotiate what could be included into the County’s budget.

The completed County Budget was then reviewed and passed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Excise Board cut what they thought was $200,000 excess carry over out of the Sheriff’s budget.  I met with the Sheriff and his staff and determined that there was not a carry over and presented the original budget back to the Board of County Commissioners, which they passed and then back to the Excise Board and this time it was approved. The whole process took approximately 7 weeks.

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