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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The regular rains, though not large amounts, have kept the grass growing and our crews mowing and the need to grade roads in the District. And with or without rain, patching roads is a continuing process.


We received bids on the Meers-Porterhill Road overlay project from SH 58 to US 62. T&G Construction was the low bidder. We have been smoothing out the rough spots and where necessary digging out bad spots and repairing them so the overlay will be as even as possible. This project is being funded by the Comanche Nation.


Second Street in Cache from B to G Avenue, 197th Street on the west side of Chattanooga, and Holsey Acres Road from Bigbow to Bandy have been recently oiled and chipped.

Hillary Road was recycled and the road base ready to be oiled and chipped later this year. In addition, the City of Cache requested us to recycle 4th Street between Elm and Oak Streets and we will resurface it when requested to do so by the City.


The trash trucks in Pecan Valley South have destroyed Stonebrook Drive beyond repair and it had to be recycled. Additional rock material was added to build up the base and it is to be oiled and chipped later this year.


Phase II of 112th Street: AT&T has gotten their lines moved and PSO is finishing up relocating their lines. A fiber optic line will be moved as soon as PSO is finished. The house on the east side of the street will be switched from CKT rural water to the Pecan Valley water system. The cross drains and side drains are on site and will be installed as soon as the utilities are clear, which should be by the end of the month. The bid packet for the surfacing is ready to be sent out. Depending on the weather, we still plan to have the street completed before the end of the year.


Foreman, Kenny Kinder and some of our County employees provided assistance to the fire departments fighting the fire north of Indiahoma. At the request of the Incident Commander, we had a motor grader cutting fire breaks and we provided and hauled fuel to the fire trucks engaged in trying to contain the fire.


Kenny and I met with the Cache Mayor and his staff, and members of the Comanche Nation to discuss resurfacing some of the streets on the east side of the City. We are currently working out an agreement that formalizes the arrangement and responsibilities.


I met with the officers of the Pecan Valley North Homeowners Association to discuss a number of problems with their streets and drainage. . We repainted the right turning lane that goes into Pecan Valley North and the Lawton Christian School.


The Meers Volunteer Fire Department, with a REAP grant and a large amount of in-kind contributions has expanded their fire station. Then we had our crew expand the parking lot and drive way to accommodate the new addition to the fire station.


We provided assistance to some of the schools in the District. We hauled wood chips for the playground and a special type of dirt for their softball and baseball diamonds. Heavy equipment installing new air conditioner units on the roof of the high school damaged the parking lot and we dug out the damaged spots and patched them with crusher rock and screenings.


If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn and I will return your call.

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