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Monthly Archives: November 2014


This month the County United Way Coordinator, Lindsey Billen challenged each of the departments to a “Food War”. The purpose was to gather canned goods for the Food bank. The employees of District 3 stepped up to the task and donated 800 of the 1,630 cans that was collected. As a reward, we will be treated to a steak dinner later this month. I would like to recognize and thank Debbie McDonald for coordinating our event. We also have a special “thank you” to Marlys Bigbow and the staff at the Cache Hop & Sack for helping to collect food donations.


For the past month, we have dedicated a lot of time to the Meers-Porterhill Road between S. H. 58 and U.S. 62. The Comanche Nation Transportation Department agreed to provide the funding for a two inch over lay. We had the responsibility to get the road prepared for the resurfacing. The crew dug out a number of bad spots over the seven miles and filled them with screenings, and these with the rest of the rough spots were blade leveled with asphalt. We laid down over 1,000 tons of asphalt to make the old road as smooth as possible.


The Comanche Nation suggested and agreed to pay for a change order to expand the road from a 22-foot to a 24-foot. This made it much safer. This project has been completed.


The Job Corp Road from U.S. Highway 62 to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has been patched. That road is getting a little age and the effects of the drought on it, and all of our roads are taking its toll causing more cracks that we would normally have had with regular rains.


Street patching was also done in Pecan Valley South, and we repaired the parking lot at the Chattanooga School.


Our mowing of major collector roads is about complete and we will begin mowing the ditches along gravel roads in preparation for winter.


The road crew finished the oil and chipping of Elk Creek Loop. Our oil distribution truck used to put down the oil for the chips broke down on this project and it had to be taken to Oklahoma City for repairs. So unless we get a week of warm weather, this could be the last road we oil and chip this year. To lay oil and chips, we must have three nights in a row that do not drop below 50 degrees.


We had the final inspection by ODOT on the Boulder Creek Bridge on Gore Blvd between Airport and Paint roads. This low water crossing was a part of the 5-year plan to be replaced with a bridge.


Kenny Kinder, Road Forman, and I attended the grand opening of the new addition to the Meers Volunteer Fire Department station. They added on a kitchen, meeting room and inside rest rooms. This was a result of a REAP grant and a lot of in kind labor and materials donated by other folks. Fire Chief, Bill Cunningham and the volunteer firemen have worked hard to modernize these facilities, and have done an outstanding job.


These rural volunteer fire departments are an important part of our communities not only providing fire protection, but also medical support through their first responders. It is surprising to me that in a month they will make more medical “runs” than they do for fires.


112th Street Status: As reported last month all the utilities are moved and we have started preparing the road bed and the bar ditches. Lawton has put in the cross drains. They had a little trouble with the inflow and outflow pieces. We have offered to help Lawton with the side drains at the entrances into Pecan Valley South and with the construction of the extension of the drain under Cache Road at the 112th Street intersection.


Phase 2 of the 112th street surfacing bid was awarded to T&G Construction by the Board of County Commissioners and all the necessary bonds and agreements are in place. As soon as the City and County have their parts completed, the road surfacing will begin.


We were all saddened by the passing of Bill Foster. Bill was a long time employee having been hired by Commissioner Duty Rowe. Besides being a fellow employee, he was a friend.


If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn and I will return your call.

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