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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Holiday leave is over and it’s been back to work catching up on getting the roads back in shape. Of the four years I’ve been in office, we have had snow and/or ice over every Christmas Holiday. We sanded hills, bridges and intersections. Even though the snow and ice did not stay long, we did make it safer for morning travelers.


Road Forman, Kenny Kinder and I met with leaders from the Comanche Nation Transportation Department concerning resurfacing the streets on the east side of Cache. At our latest meeting, the engineer from CEC Engineering met with us to discuss design and project cost. The work on the streets will begin later this coming summer.


Responding to a concern about the entrance into Neugebauer Acres, the crew put in a wider tinhorn, removed the loose gravel, and graded the road so it would drain better.


At the request of the Town of Faxon, we patched their streets and at the request of the Town of Chattanooga,  we are recycling 2nd Street. That street will be resurfaced later this year. We also hauled a load of screenings for the Town of Medicine Park, at their request.


The drought has been hard on our roads, particularly those that are asphalt. We have rented a crack sealing machine and have had a crew working most of the winter filling cracks.   That prevents water from getting to them, freezing and causing more damage. Job Corp Road was our latest repair and crack seal project.


Working with the local schools, we hauled a load of screenings to the Chattanooga FFA barn, and a load of special “Choctaw Mix” dirt for the Cache baseball diamond infield.


We worked our first fire this year by providing a motor grader to cut fire breaks at a wildfire northwest of Indiahoma. The dry grass, low humidity, and strong winds is the perfect formula for serious wildfires. If these conditions continue, the County will have to impose a burn ban. Even without a burn ban, residents of Comanche County need to be very careful when burning outside.


112th Street status: We have finish preparing the sup grade, and T & G Construction is putting down the 8 inches of aggregate and once this is all down, they will lay the 7 inches of asphalt. After the road surface is down, we will finish the bar ditches and pull the dirt up to the road grade. We are currently advertizing for bids to have the sod laid on bare surfaces.


Kenny and I met with the Pecan Valley North Homeowners Association to discuss the speed limits on Cache Road, repair to their streets, and drainage problems. We are working in Pecan Valley South to repair bad spots in their streets.


If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn and I will return your call.

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