County Commissioner

Here we are reaching the end of 2015. It has been a busy year and passed by very quickly.


During the last months we have received several slow rains, which has had a softening affect on gravel roads and has kept our grader operators busy working to keep their areas in shape.


As a result of a late summer, we were able to continue our oil and chipping later than normal. We completed two miles of Airport Road from Coombs Road to Pecan Road and Coombs from 115 to Airport Road. This makes a total of 14 miles of oil and chip roads that we did this year.


The guys have worked on patching the bad spots on Indiahoma Road from U.S. 62 north to the Refuge gate. They cut out the places where the surface has broken down, reinforced the base and resurfaced it with asphalt. Also to prevent damage to other asphalt roads, we rented a crack sealer and filled the cracks with a hot rubbery substance which prevents moisture from getting into the crack and making it larger as the temperature reaches below freezing.


We had a preconstruction meeting with the Comanche Nation, City of Cache and T&G Construction Co. regarding the resurfacing of the streets on the east side of Cache. The work will begin on March 14, 2016. By agreement with the three entities, Comanche Nation Transportation will be funding this project.


Foreman Kenny Kinder, FEMA Coordinator Debbie McDonald and I have had several meetings with representatives from FEMA working out the details for the District to get reimbursement for work and materials associated with repairing the damage caused by the May floods.


To improve the safety of our roads and bridges, we have begun to install new reflectors on the guard rails. They are more reflective than the old ones and are more visible at night. Also, we have contracted with a local company to restripe our larger bridges on the major roads.


The CEC Engineering Co. completed the required inspection of the bridges in our District. We had 26 bridges that received a rating that requires us to do preventative repair this year to prevent it from becoming a serious problem. In addition, there were 18 others that needed some type of maintenance. We had only a total of 5 bridges on the list to be repaired in 2014. The increase was due to the flooding this past year.


We have increased the number of trucks equipped with sand spreaders from 2 to 4. They are loaded and in the barn to stay dry in case we need them over the Holidays.


We continue to work with the schools in our District. Cache Public Schools requested our help to improve the parking lot south of the stadium and improve a road at the elementary school. A parking lot was graveled at the Chattanooga School.


Road Forman Kenny Kinder attended a 2-day safety meeting at the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma. Some of the subjects covered: tree trimming safety, working in cold weather, and recognizing drug and alcohol use in the workplace.


The employees of District 3 participated in the United Way Campaign and the food drive, contributing over $1,500 to United Way and 1,235 cans of food.


If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at or you may phone the County Barn at 580-4293217.


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